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Will professional teeth whitening remove stains?

If you’re looking to lift stubborn tooth stains or lighten yellowed teeth, professional teeth whitening is your best option.

Yes, there are gels and kits in your local drugstore, but these are not professional or prescription-strength. You may be disappointed with the lackluster result and uneven outcome. In some cases, you may even experience ongoing tooth sensitivity or worse.

When you whiten your smile with a dental professional, you can count on predictable results and a system that has been deemed safe for your teeth and gums. Before whitening, in fact, your Topeka, KS dentist carefully examines your mouth to make sure our teeth whitening systems are safe for you—and that they will give you the results you’ve been looking for.

Do you have a job interview in the near future? Is there a special event on the horizon? Are you simply tired of dull, stained teeth? There is no “wrong time” to brighten your smile! And patients are often surprised by the before and after—seeing just how discolored their teeth really were before treatment.

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