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Our Topeka, KS dental office invests in high-quality dental equipment and material to keep ensure that you have a comfortable experience. Drs. Carrie Peterson and Ben Rutherford are always learning and researching how new dental technology can make patient visits as efficient and precise as possible. 

State-of-the-art digital impressions allow us to move away from traditional, uncomfortable machinery while providing detailed and enhanced images. 

We invest in dental equipment that allows us to maintain perfect oral health in comfort. 

3-D Cone Beam

At Topeka Dentistry, we invest in modern technology to make each dental visit as comfortable and efficient as possible. Our 3-D cone beam imaging can be done in the comfort of our Topeka, KS dental office. Using advanced digital x-ray technology allows Dr. Carrie Peterson and Dr. Ben Rutherford to view your oral structure in precise detail. Three-dimensional images will enable us to navigate your teeth, gums, soft tissues, nerves, and bones. We utilize state-of-the-art dental technology to help us place dental implants and complete other dental procedures. 

The cone-shaped x-ray beam rotates around the patient while we create images. Special 3-D software can render the images into three-dimensional views. Traditional two-dimensional x-rays are limited to the bone structure they can display, especially if your Topeka dentist wants to see if a root canal is needed, or how an impacted wisdom tooth is situated. 

We use the 3-D cone beam imaging for:

  • Viewing your sinuses
  • Placing dental implants
  • Dental extractions
  • Diagnosing TMJ 
  • Evaluating tooth fractures
  • Diagnosing infection or decay

Digital Impressions

Digital 3-D impressions and x-rays allow us to use the latest in dental technology to maximize patient comfort and improve our diagnostics. We use digital impressions to move beyond messy "gloopy" impression paste that was traditionally used to create dental crowns, bridges, or orthodontic treatments. Using a digital impression scanner, we can transmit images that are vastly improved in precision and form.

3-D dental images are revolutionary dental technology that creates a better patient experience and accurate fitting for dental crowns, bridges, and other prosthetics. To create the best in patient experience, we often combine our intraoral camera with digital impressions to craft beautiful veneers and crowns.

Topeka patients no longer have to wait up to five minutes for gooey impression material to set! This, coupled with better fitting final restorations, faster appointments, and better patient experience, keeps everyone happy.

Same-Day Crowns

 "Coming Soon"

Our office is proud to say we are currently getting the training and technology so that we can offer same-day crowns to our patients.

Same-day dental crowns are a benefit for patients who have busy schedules and don't want to wait weeks for traditional dental crowns to be fabricated. There are times when patients want to look great for an upcoming event like a job interview, family reunion, wedding, or more. When you have short notice to restore your smile without having to worry about waiting for your dental crown to be finished, you might be interested in same-day crowns. In just one dental visit, you can walk out with an improved smile. 

Many Topeka patients love the convenience of saving time, restoring their smiles, and hand-crafting their new teeth. Unlike temporary crowns, you don't have to worry about eating your favorite foods or being careful when talking. Same-day dental crowns are resilient and durable, and patients never have to worry about them coming loose or falling out. 

Same-day crowns also saves our patients time by eliminating dental visits by half. 

Talk to our dental team about same-day dental crowns. 

Intraoral Camera

Patients at our Topeka dental office can have their oral health problems assessed with the use of an intraoral camera. The shape and size of a large pen, the intraoral camera can take full-color pictures within your mouth that are instantly displayed on a monitor. 

The images, viewable to both patients and dentists, show high-resolution images that we can zoom in. Together, we can visualize every part of your mouth in great detail, allowing us to detect small cracks, fractures, disease, wear-and-tear, or decay. 

We love using the intraoral camera as a way to show our patients parts of their mouth that they would never be able to see. Being able to observe the minutest details of your oral structure allows us to maintain up-to-date and precise patient records, which will enable us to notice any change over time.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays allow Dr. Ben Rutherford and Dr. Carrie Peterson to view your x-rays instantly. Digital images are easy to share—our dental staff can easily share them with dentists and insurance companies. Our Topeka dentists can view your digital images on a monitor within seconds, and we can zoom in or enhance the detail of the image to make diagnosing easier.

The precise nature of digital impressions allows us to make an accurate diagnosis, making them an essential tool in maintaining your oral health. They enable our dentists to detect tooth decay, disease, bone health, abscesses, cysts, gum infection, and more.

Unlike traditional methods of imaging, digital x-rays emit less radiation and environmental waste. This dental technology not only allows us to make a quicker and more reliable diagnosis, but it's also gentler on our patients and the planet.

At Topeka Dentistry, our focus is on making each visit as comfortable and efficient as possible for all our patients.

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