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Carrie Peterson, DDS & Ben Rutherford, DDS

Dr. Benjamin P. Rutherford and Dr. Carrie B. Peterson understand the importance of excellent oral hygiene and are committed to providing the best care in a friendly, pleasant environment.

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Meet Our Team

Welcome to Topeka Dentistry, the dental practice of Dr. Carrie Peterson & Dr. Ben Rutherford. Our family-focused dental office provides a warm and welcoming environment with compassionate professionals. Our goal is to offer superior patient care, along with modern dental technology. Our close-knit dental staff loves what they do, and it shows.

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Patient Testimonials

  • "I used to stress about going to the dentist. No more. The staff at East Topeka Dental are the best! They are great to patients and are very good about making sure I know everything they are doing in my mouth and ensuring I don't have any favorite part."

    Jeffrey D.

  • "Excellent service, every time I visit! Every one of the staff here are caring, skilled professionals. I highly recommend the services of East Topeka Dental."

    Miranda K.

  • "Super friendly staff and reasonable rates. Dr. Rutherford is great about telling me only what I need to fix and no pressure on fixing other issues. He takes the time to explain things thoroughly also."

    Karen W.

  • "ETDA has always provided me with excellent quality comfortable care. I want to thank Dr. Rutherford for his superb work. My dental hygienist does an excellent job on my cleanings. Also, the office staff is always courteous,friendly and professional. I highly recommend ETDA."

    DuJuan M.

We want you to feel comfortable during your first visit.

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Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to Topeka Dentistry, the dental practice of Dr. Carrie Peterson and Dr. Ben Rutherford.

Our family-friendly dental office provides a welcoming and happy environment, coupled with caring dental professionals who work hard to provide fantastic care and exceptional dentistry. 

Our dental team is close-knit and dedicated to patient care satisfaction. You are likely to find our dental staff enjoying their day, laughing, and smiling while helping patients. We treat our patients like our family members by taking the time to get to know them. We feel an enormous amount of pride when we see how happy and comfortable our patients are, knowing that we always provide honest, high-quality service.

We Welcome Children of All Ages

As the saying goes, “Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.” We welcome our young patients and patients who stay young at heart. 

Drs. Rutherford and Peterson have created a dental family that is sincere and laid-back, the best group of people you would want to trust and grow with. We want nothing more than to provide first-rate family dentistry for our friends and family in Topeka, KS and surrounding neighborhoods and communities. 

Our Core Values

At Topeka Dentistry, we try to reflect our values and beliefs through each interaction. We enjoy having long-term patients who have grown up with us from childhood who now bring their own families to see us. 

We dedicate our focus on honesty and integrity when it comes to personal interactions, recommending dental procedures, communication, and the quality of our patient education we provide. Our time spent with you is yours; we never rush patients out the door to make room for another appointment. We want patients to feel confident and well-informed in their decisions, as well as engaged in their oral health.

Our dental services are comprehensive, and we can provide many treatments in-house. We would never recommend unnecessary dental procedures, and we often offer alternative therapies for our patients to consider. 

We are dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable dentistry that our patients and dental staff come to rely on. None of this would be possible without our incredible team. We work together as a cohesive unit that puts patient needs first. We have a lot of fun together, and we love engaging our patients to have fun with us, too. 

The best way to provide our full experience is by devoting ourselves to our patient’s well-being. By being compassionate, kind, warm, and open—we create an environment that fosters questions, conversation, and interaction. Even our youngest patients appreciate our genuine concern, which is why many of our patients have been with us for life. 

At Topeka Dentistry, we’re known for providing trustworthy and ethical services. We don’t ignore or rush questions; instead, we like to engage in conversation about your oral health. We are proud of the reputation we have built and hope that our sincerity and integrity shine through. 

Our Dental Education Never Stops

We love that dentistry never stops evolving; every year sees new advancements that make dental procedures more precise and quicker. We love learning and growing within our field so that our patients can benefit from our hard work. At our dental office in Topeka, KS, patients can feel satisfied knowing we are providing up-to-date dental technology and techniques. 

Enjoy Our Dedicated Dentistry

Are you looking for a family dentist in Topeka, KS that offers comprehensive services to prevent oral health issues, restore damaged or chipped teeth, beautify your smile, and even replace missing teeth?

You might appreciate our traditional view on what hospitality and patient care should look like or the complimentary blankets, pillows, or beverage bar that we provide for your comfort. 

It might be our friendly demeanor, our honest assessments, or our genuine interactions that keep you coming back—we’re always happy to see you. 

Please call us at (785) 266-9100 to schedule an appointment so we can welcome you to our close-knit dental family.

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