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Is losing a crown a dental emergency?

A dental crown is a complete tooth restoration that fits entirely over a damaged tooth, covering all exposed surfaces with a porcelain or composite version of your natural tooth. One of their main advantages is their versatility; dental crowns can solve numerous problems, from purely cosmetic to oral health care. So the reason you received a dental crown will help determine if losing it demands immediate care.

Dental Crowns Are a Versatile Tooth Restoration

One of the most common reasons we’ll use a dental crown is to finish root canal therapy. Our dentists perform a root canal procedure when a deep infection has damaged your inner tooth. Part of the process is removing tooth structure, which leaves a damaged remainder that can be brittle and fragile. Because a crown totally covers the remaining tooth, it provides ideal protection. But if you lose that crown, you may also damage the last vestiges of your natural tooth, and the replacement crown won’t fit.

But if you have a dental crown as a cosmetic restoration, the natural tooth structure beneath it, while unattractive, may still be strong enough to work while we get a new crown created for you. In any case, the best course of action is to call our office and let us help you decide if you require urgent care.

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