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Do I need dental implants?

Missing teeth present both a cosmetic and a functional concern. Cosmetically, missing teeth carry a stigma and people with missing teeth find themselves unfairly judged in many social settings. However, the problem of missing teeth goes far beyond a cosmetic concern. When a tooth or multiple teeth are missing, additional stress is placed on the remaining teeth. This additional stress can cause the remaining teeth to fracture and damage to the bone to take place. This additional strain can lead to pain, the need for more expensive treatment, and additional tooth loss. What is more concerning is that the jawbone begins to shrink after a tooth is removed. Over time, this diminishing bone may lead to changes in your face and cause patients to look prematurely aged. Dental implants allow patients to prevent further damage to their other teeth and to overcome the cosmetic concerns that missing teeth cause. To find out if dental implants can help you prevent further damage to the teeth, call our office and schedule an appointment. We are always happy to discuss this exciting treatment option with our patients.

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