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Know the Signs if You Need Root Canal Therapy

May 17, 2022
Posted By: Topeka Dentistry

One piece of wisdom that applies to life in Topeka, KS, is that ignoring the signs is a good way to end up at the wrong destination. While this definitely holds for your summer road trip, it’s also sage advice for anyone needing root canal therapy. This largely misunderstood procedure addresses an inner tooth infection that develops due to severe tooth decay.

The team at Topeka Dentistry is skilled at performing root canal therapy so that they may save teeth. Your part is to recognize the signs.

What Is a Root Canal?

Though most people associate 'root canal' with a procedure, it’s actually a term for part of your anatomy. A pointed structure called the root is where your tooth connects with your jaw. Inside the root is a narrow passage that serves as a conduit for nerves and blood vessels, connecting your inner tooth pulp with the rest of your body. If bacteria enter this area, the resulting infection causes irritation, inflammation, and tooth pain. If you wait long enough to seek care, your tooth will eventually succumb to the disease and be lost.

During a root canal procedure, your dentist opens the top of your tooth and rids your tooth of infected tissue. Then we use special tools to completely clean the canal, sealing it once all infection is gone. This seal prevents any more bacteria from entering your tooth. The final step may involve a restoration if your tooth is too damaged to stand on its own with a filling. For example, your dentist will place a crown as an extra layer of protection.

How to Know You Need Root Canal Therapy

Because tooth infections tend to worsen over time, you want to seek care as soon as you’re aware of the condition. Here are the signs that you may have an infected root canal:

  • A persistent toothache which hurts more when chewing
  • Pronounced temperature sensitivities
  • Swollen gum with a pimple-like eruption
  • Dark spots on the painful tooth
  • Tooth fracture

If you notice these symptoms, we recommend you call us right before the problem worsens.

Do You Need Root Canal Therapy in Topeka, KS?

The team at Topeka Dentistry is on a mission to save teeth while keeping you calm and comfortable. If you recognize the signs, you can do your part to preserve your complete smile.

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